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PTG is an active corporation in Petrochemical  industry which has commercial interaction with great companies in Iran and around the World.

PTG is active in four major fields respectively Mercantile Exchange, Energy Exchange, Export and petrochemical waste trading and Supplier for industries like Tire, Paraffin and industrial Oils.

We are proud to introduce human resources as our most important value and investment. Our employees are our main internal strength in our strategy.

Costumer based activities and Brand strategy are our core competence to excel in market and we are committed to initiate a win-win situation based on honesty in Iranian trading culture

Board of directors are seeing god as their witness and cause of all prosperity and they believe as Hafez, Iranian great poet, said   


در دایره ی قسمت ما نقطه ی تسلیمم      لطف آنچه تو اندیشی حکم آنچه تو فرمایی


(God’s will is the best for us, all we can do is to obey, because the true happiness is in God’s will.)

We hope that with God’s help and dedicated human resources, PTG will be one of the leading companies in Oil and Gas industry.

Board of Directors
21th march 2014




  • unit 174, floor 7,south Gadrun tower, Joumhuri Sq, Tehran, Iran

Contact us

  • 02166430616
  • whats app:00989128437556
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  • Zip Code : 1313617986