A Company with Experience to Provide What you Need

Collaborations and Capabilities

Energy and Commodity Exchange

This company has enough experience in buying and exporting goods that are traded in the energy and commodity exchange, it also has the possibility of registering and buying related goods for domestic producers.

Custom goods

The presence of valid offices in other countries and valid business contacts of this company makes it possible to supply and buy imported goods and deliver them to the buyer's warehouse.


If you have an idea in the field of commerce, petrochemical or supply chain, we can be the perfect business partner and the right investor for you.

Export and sales

Empowering domestic companies in selling their own products is another service that we have provided and we are by your side in this way.

Story Company

PTGCO Trading Company

In 2013, it was established in Tehran with the registration number 441347 with the aim of recycling waste oil derivatives and creating added value in the recycling chain, which has a good experience in supplying recycled raw materials to carbon black companies, bitumen producers and rubber industries. Now, with the establishment of branches and strong business links in the countries of the Persian Gulf and the Eurasian Union and Turkic-speaking countries, the experience of consulting and investing in free zones, joint ventures with foreign investors has become a capable, experienced and specialized group. It can provide a win-win situation for any cooperation and provide what you need in a valuable way.



Iran's Office

No. 114, Corner 34, End of Danesh St., Behroud Square, Saadat Abad, Tehran


Emirate's Office

Emirates, in Dubai Sheikh Hamdan Al Maktoum No. 0525

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