Eight venture capital companies – PART2

List of startup venture capital companies in the world

To give you the most accurate ranking of the world’s largest VC firms, we measured each firm’s investment-to-exit ratio. The higher this ratio, the better the investment company has performed. An investment-to-exit ratio of 1 is bad because it represents a no-growth scenario, meaning that VC firms make one investment for every exit. When this ratio is higher than 1, the VC is considered a net buyer of the portfolio companies. We’ve listed for you the total number of investments and exits for each company, sourced from CrunchBase.


1) Lightspeed Venture

Investment company

Number of portfolio investments in 2020: 89 startups

Total number of investments: 889

Number of departures: 173

Investment to exit ratio: 19.46%

Headquarters: Menlo Park, California

Founded in 2000, the firm invests in consumer, business, technology and cleantech markets. It has recently added companies EverString, Gainsight and software company Qubole to its portfolio.


2) General Catalyst

Number of portfolio investments in 2020: 83

Total number of investments: 777

Total number of outputs: 135

Investment to exit ratio: 17.37%

Headquarters: Cambridge, MA

General Catalyst is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage and growth-stage startups in software, technology, big data, and transportation. The most prominent exits from investment firm General Catalyst are Snapchat, valued at $3.4 billion, and HubSpot.


3) Andreessen Horowitz

Number of portfolio investments in 2020: 91

Total number of investments: 879

Total number of exits: 145

Investment to exit ratio: 16.50%

Headquarters: Menlo Parr, California

Andreessen Horowitz was founded by famous entrepreneurs Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz in 2009 with $300 million. Currently, this company has a value of 2.7 billion dollars. The company invests from seed to growth in the consumer, commerce, biotech, healthcare, digital currency, fintech and technology sectors.

One of its recent exits is Asana, a web-based and mobile-based task management company valued at $3.99 billion in its IPO.


4) GGV Capital

Number of portfolio investments in 2020: 66

Total number of investments: 664

Number of outputs: 104

Investment to exit ratio: 15.66%

Headquarters: Menlo Park, California

GGV Capital is one of the world’s largest startup investment firms investing in the mobile, cloud, e-commerce and media sectors. Among its successful exits are through the initial offering of e-commerce platforms such as Poshmark and Wish Corporation (ContextLogic). Fintech company Affirm Holdings with a total value of $26.6 billion was another successful company that exited this VC company.


5) Tiger Global Management

Number of portfolio investments in 2020: 76

Total number of investments: 489

Number of outputs: 74

Investment to exit ratio: 15.13%

Headquarters: New York

Tiger Global is an investment firm focused on public and private companies in the global Internet, software, consumer and financial technology industries. One of its most important investments is on Airbnb, and its successful exits include the two IPOs of Sumo Logic and the merger of Postmates.


6) Greycroft

Number of portfolio investments in 2020: 79

Total number of investments: 606

Number of outputs: 89

Investment to exit ratio: 14.69%

Headquarters: New York

Founded in 2006, the company focuses on AI, data, fintech, healthcare, enterprise software, and gaming. Among the brands in the portfolio of this company, we can mention the transportation business RealReal and the dating site Bumble, which according to reports, its initial public offering is worth between 6 and 8 billion dollars.

Greycroft’s portfolio includes a total funding amount of $15.9 billion with an IPO with a total value of $1.7 billion.


7) Khosla Ventures

Number of portfolio investments in 2020: 71

Total number of investments: 853

Total number of exits: 116

Investment to exit ratio: 13.60%

Headquarters: Menlo Park, California

Khosla Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on green, internet, computing, mobile and silicon technology.

The company’s focus is on financial services, health, BIG DATA, agriculture and food, sustainable energy and robotics. including successful exits

Khosla Ventures is one of the VC firms that raised capital for Square (NYSE:SQ). Khosla Ventures’ popular exits include Okta (NASDAQ:OKTA) and Big Switch Network.


8) Global Founders Capital

Number of portfolio investments in 2020: 90

Total number of investments: 448

Number of outputs: 41

Investment to exit ratio: 9.15%

Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

Founded as a global player in 2013, the company has invested in companies in retail, fintech, internet, information and communication technology.

The GFC portfolio includes a total fund of $34.2 billion with a total of 8 IPOs worth $137.9 billion.

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