Quotes of Elon Musk

If the rules are such that you can not progress, you have to fight the rules


Starting a company is like baking a cake, you have to have all the necessary ingredients in the right proportions


Always think about how you can do things better, keep questioning yourself


If doing something is very important, even if you are unlikely to succeed, you should do it


Being an entrepreneur is like eating a piece of glass and staring at the abyss of death


When you care about something, you will still do it, even if it does not work out in your favor



The brand is just a feeling and the feeling will come true over time


Initiate and advance innovation-related work. Passion and selection of people involved


Starting and growing a business is as much about the innovation, motivation and determination of the people behind it as the products they sell


You get paid directly for the difficulty of solving the problem

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